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DENIZEN: Essential Rules of Play is an adventure role-playing game that melds modern, streamlined mechanics with old-school grit. The setting is medieval fantasy with a few extra revolutions of the wheel of time. Magic is waning, while alchemy is on the rise. The races of traditional fantasy RPG's are muddled. And, rather than a source of great power for a select few,  blessings of the gods are subtle but common.

As for compatibility, resources for Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Troika! rule systems can be used with little or no adjustment. And, veterans of D20 fantasy should feel at home with the ability names and selection of equipment, spells, and monsters. But, regardless of your background, the rules are quick and easy to learn and play.

The 230+ page rule book contains the following...

  • Classic ability scores: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA
  • Classless character development with 12 general skills and 12 paths of magic
  • Fast combat; roll one die to determine both hit success and damage
  • Meaningful differences between maces, axes, and swords
  • Modular monster traits and simple monsters stats for fast adventure creation
  • Stat blocks and descriptions for 72 monsters
  • Random treasure generation tables
  • A5 format
  • Released entirely under the OGL, Open Game License 1.0a
  • Multiple pieces of artwork depicting cats


DENIZEN: Essential Rules of Play 10 MB
DENIZEN: Character Sheet 41 kB

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